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Friday, January 1

Oscar winner Bryan Fogel ('Icarus') talks about his new film 'The Dissident' (called 'essential viewing' by AP) and UK author Lisa Marks ('Ryan Is Ready For You Now') with her weekly streaming picks!

Monday, January 4

Ben Godar from the Des Moines Film Society talks about their mission to save the historic Variety Theatre by the Drake campus.

Tuesday, January 5

'Cobra Kai' and 'Borat' actor Ken Davitian & new mom tips with Britt Slater

Wednesday, January 6

IT'S ALL ABOUT #GEORGIA and the runoff elections with

US Senator Paul Strauss LIVE from Washington DC. With special guest Lisa Marks ('Ryan Is Ready For You Now') to give her streaming picks. 

Thursday, January 7

Host Brent Roske is joined by Al Womble, the chair of the Iowa Democratic Black Caucus, to discuss his vision for the future of people of color here in Iowa and the shameful thuggery we all saw yesterday at the US Capitol.

Friday, January 8

Host Brent Roske is joined by former Congressman Paul Hodes, United Nations High Commission on Refugees' Chris Boian and the Iowa Environmental Council

Monday, January 11

Host Brent Roske is joined by primetime TV producer/ director Milena Govich ('Chicago Med', 'FBI', 'Law & Order'), Iowa State Rep. Karin Derry and Des Moines business owner Jeff Bruning

Tuesday, January 12

Host Brent Roske is joined by Prince Michael Roy Bates of the Principality of Sealand

Wednesday, January 13

Host Brent Roske is joined by author, actor & producer Ian Kelly to discuss his new series 'The Rothschilds' with Oscar winner Julian Fellowes ('Downton Abbey') and streaming picks with Lisa Marks

Thursday, January 14

Host Brent Roske is joined by author Rachel Smoka-Richardson to discuss her new book 'Millicent Simmonds: Actor and Activist' & publicist Belle DuChene on the intersection of business and fashion.

Friday, January 15

Host Brent Roske is joined by Academy AwardTM nominated filmmaker Sam Pollard to discuss his new IFC Film 'MLK/ FBI' and editing such classics as 'Jungle Fever' and 'Mo Better Blues' - and his time in Iowa during the Iowa Caucuses.

Monday, January 18

Host Brent Roske is joined by Dr. Frantz Whitfield to discuss the enduring legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and of finding inspiration in trying times.

Tuesday, January 19

Host Brent Roske is joined by author and columnist Lyz Lenz ('Belabored'), miniature artist Nick Busch and Britt Slater with ways to go vegetarian in Iowa. 

Wednsday, January 20

#inauguration2021: All eyes on Washington as host Brent Roske welcomes US Sen. Paul Strauss (DC Shadow) and Brendan Kownacki LIVE from outside the Capitol, Lisa Marks with streaming picks, Cory Williams with Des Moines' 'Isiserettes' dance/drum squad who will be performing at the Inauguration and film producer Damiano Tucci ('LBJ', 'Barrego') discusses filming during the pandemic.

Thursday, January 20

Host Brent Roske welcomes Dr. Frantz Whitfield to discuss his early support of the Biden campaign in Iowa and yesterday's Inauguration.

Friday, January 21

Director Charlie Griak and actress Megan Hensley from the motion picture 'Nina of the Woods', author and actress Irene Tsu (Netflix 'Over The Moon') join host Brent Roske

Tuesday, January 26

Host Brent Roske discusses the new $20 'Tubman' bill, reporting from AXIOS saying 'traditional tv is collpasing', welcomes guests former SNL cast member Gary Kroeger and 'Lil Sidekick' inventor Amy Vohs. Brent Roske Your Iowa Morning 1-26-21

Wednesday, January 26

Host Brent Roske welcomes film director Greg Swartz to talk about his new project 'The Water of Life' about Scottish whisky. Entertainment writer Lisa Marks joins with her Streaming Picks of the Week. Episodes at

Thursday, January 28

Admiral Michael Franken join host Brent Roske to discuss President Biden's cabinet picks, Iowa Safe Schools on LGBTQ rights in Iowa schools and recent legislation at the Iowa Capitol.

Friday, January 29

Film director Luke Bradford joins host Brent Roske to discuss his new Oscar & BAFTA qualified film 'White Gold'. Also Iowa actress Erica Faye and music from the Awful Purdies.

Monday, February 1

Film director Phil Berger with his Holocaust film 'The Barn', telling one family's incredible story of survival. - produced by Matthew Hiltzik, Rachel Kastner & Nancy Spielberg. Also former Iowa State Rep. Karin Derry on new legislation regarding school vouchers and the recent Myanmar Coup.

Tuesday, February 2

Named one of the '50 Funniest Women' by Huffington Post, Negin Farsad joins host Brent Roske on Your Iowa Morning discussing her new book 'How To Make White People Laugh'. Also Kathie Roche on the Englert Theatre in Iowa City and Britt Slater.

Wednesday, February 3

My inspirational interview with Andrene Ward-Hammond. She was working retail in 2007 when she found out she had a tumor. She decided she wasn't going to die without pursuing her dream of acting and now she's co-starring with Golden Globe winner Bryan Cranston ('Breaking Bad') on Showtime's new series 'Your Honor'. Also Streaming Picks with Lisa Marks

Thursday, February 4

Discussing the Golden Globe nominations with Lisa Marks, videographer Brendan Gutenschwager takes us through the Capitol Riot and prepping for the Big Game with Belle DuChene

Friday, February 5

Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand joins host Brent Roske to discuss the office and how it works for Iowans. Also Solomon Lieberman, the Exec. Director of the Institute for Political Innovation, discussing the book 'The Politics Industry'.

Monday, February 8

Photographer Deborah Willis with her new book 'The Black Civil War Soldier - A Visual History of Conflict and Citizenship' joins host Brent Roske

Tuesday, February 9

IBC Chair Al Womble joins host Brent Roske on Your Iowa Morning to discuss the racist thugs who hacked into the Iowa Black Caucus meeting, featuring US Rep. Joyce Beatty this weekend.

Wednesday, February 10

Wednesday's show: Christina Anthony, who plays 'Aunt Denise' on ABC's 'Mixed-ish', discusses how their program presents race and how she had decided to move back to Chicago but would do 'one last audition' which ended up being her big break. Also on the program: Lisa Marks with this week's Streaming Picks and the one and only Andrew McGregor - LIVE Wednesday morning at 7am CT at

Thursday, February 11

The GOAT game show contestant and host of ABC's 'The Chase', Brad Rutter, guests on Your Iowa Morning to talk about his millions in winnings and his new series. Also artist Shawn Boyd with his new graphic novel and film 'Winona Forever' join host Brent Roske

Friday, February 12

Iowan Bonnie Louise Brown joins live from Benin, Africa on Your Iowa Morning

Monday, February 15

Emmy winning producer/ writer of 'The West Wing', Eli Attie joins host Brent Roske to discuss the series and how it influenced American politics. Also former Iowa State Rep. Karin Derry with her weekly Capitol Roundup.

Friday, February 19

PR executive and author Jennifer Farmer with her new book 'First and Only: A Black Woman’s Guide to Thriving at Work and in Life' joins host Brent Roske on Your Iowa Morning

Monday, February 22

Producer Steven Adams discusses his two films with director Spike Lee ('Rodney King', 'Huey P. Newton Story'). Also Iowa's R3 Construction join host Brent Roske on Your Iowa Morning

Tuesday, February 23

Retirement Planning with Loren Merkle and music from Iowa's Eleanor Grace on Your Iowa Morning with host Brent Roske

Wednesday, February 24

The new film 'Nature of the Dream' opens at the Des Moines Playhouse and UK author Lisa Marks ('Ryan Is Ready For You Now') with her weekly Streaming Picks on Your Iowa Morning with host Brent Roske

Thursday, February 25

United Nations HCR Representative Besem Obenson joins host Brent Roske LIVE from Guatemala on Your Iowa Morning

Friday, February 26

Gina Belafonte and her father, Harry Belafonte, run Gina joins host Brent Roske to discuss the mission of Also the Des Moines Home Builder's Association

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